How Did the greatest sufferer become the happiest person in the family?

When I accidentally “bumped” into Dr. Darrell Wolfe on Facebook, I was at one of the lowest points in my life. Enoch, my son with autism, had gotten himself in a shutdown just a few months before the pandemic hit. He became catatonic and caring for him was a 24/7 job for me.

I worked hard to save him. At one point, I felt like I was doing the work of five nurses attending to his needs. A medical intuitive provider helped me over the phone to get Enoch drinking and eating again.

That is my second experience of energy healing and realizing that people can telepathically communicate.

I listened to Dr. Wolfe diligently every day and went through his A-Z Wellness and Braveheart Emotional Intelligence Masterclass in his library. Everything that Dr. Wolfe said resonated with me. I have been researching health since Enoch was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at age 3 and later with autism. I attended countless autism summits and have tried many different things to help Enoch. Life is very hard. And I work very hard to heal my son and to try to make him “normal”.

In fact, I am so well-schooled to work hard that I am prepared to work myself to death to get my son to where I want him to be. The stress of life caused me to have a fist size fibroid right in the middle of my uterus. After struggling with heavy bleeding for 2 years, I finally succumbed to having a hysterectomy in 2012. Although the surgery stopped my heavy bleeding, my energy never got back. I was constantly tired, and I had the sourest face in the family.

I forgot how to have fun and I thought I can never be happy unless my son is well.

When I heard Dr. Wolfe on Facebook, I wanted very much to take Enoch to him. However, Dr. Wolfe was in Mexico. Then, one day, I heard that Dr. Wolfe was coming to Texas in May 2022 to give a free lecture. I was elated. I brought Enoch to meet Dr. Wolfe and later decided to attend the New World Practitioner course in August 2022. During the first Whole Life Coach course, I volunteered to get a heart release from Dr. Wolfe. My life began to change after that.

I realized that my family has been pushing one another’s hate button instead of the love button. The mirror work forced me to look closely at myself for the first time which made me realize that I do not love myself at all. In fact, I felt ugly, old and worn out. I cannot smile at myself. With the Wolfe Non Surgical work that Dr. Wolfe demonstrated in class, my eyes were opened to the unlimited possibilities of our God given wonderful body.

We are all given the wrong manual for health and we do not know how to take care of our health. We live in fear not knowing when the next shocking diagnosis will come. Once I understand the truth about health, it is like finding my freedom again! I begin to take massive personal action to get better by gentle loving baby steps, changing 1% at a time. However, at that point, I am still very much focused on trying to get Enoch well first before myself.

It was not till the 2nd course which I took in Ixtapa in January, that it finally dawned on me that I need to put myself first before anybody else. I was still trying to get Enoch well, but he was playing games with me. I would book appointments for him, only to see that he would not move to go to them. I left him alone and went full force on healing myself. I thought the trip to Ixtapa was for him, it turned out to be all about me. I took the nutraceuticals, I went for my non-surgical therapies, I went to the energy room, I did the cell sonic, I went to the beach, I hung around friends who taught me how to laugh again. I shifted from being the greatest sufferer on earth to become the happiest person in my family. I got a new body from all the non-surgical work I received. Mentally, emotionally and spiritually, I am a brand new person. At this point, Enoch is still not where I would like him to be, but I know he will get there.

The biggest gift I can give to him is being the best version of myself and to guide him to be the best version of himself. He is fighting me at the moment, as he is resistant to change. At his own timing, I pray that he will experience the deep unconditional love of God and be willing to come out of his prison to play in the sandbox again.

Bee Tan (Me), Dr. Darrell Wolfe and my daughter Ellia

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